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Author Topic: Cretors Electric Earnmore  (Read 7895 times)


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Cretors Electric Earnmore
« on: June 10, 2015, 08:22:01 PM »

Here are photos of an electric Cretors Earnmore popcorn and peanut roaster.

Its a nice piece, but would be much nicer if it were the steam model.

The only steam powered Earnmores I have seen are at Bob Pearson's shop, and in a museum.

The base of this unit contains a white-gas type fuel tank with pressurizing pump, and there is a fuel vaporizer unit in the lower back which produces vaporized gas for the burners under the rear-mounted peanut roaster, under the popcorn roaster, and under the warming bin under the lower peanut holding bin.

The peanut roasting drum is mounted high on the back of the Earnmore, and the finished product drops down the chute in the rear to the lower product-holding bin.
The popcorn is held in the upper product bin.

I think one or more of these product bins was heated by hot water that circulated below these bins.

When the Earnmore was converted from steam power to electric, apparently all the white-gas burner, tank and vaporizer parts remained unchanged, with the only major apparent change being to remove the top-mounted steam engine and replace it with an electric motor and gearbox.

It would seem that an electric Earnmore could be converted back to a steam earnmore with the addition of a boiler and steam engine, and changing to a small side mounted, gravity-fed fuel tank, as seen on the original steam Earnmores.

Many of the steam powered Cretor popcorn wagons can be seen with a steam whistle, and while this whistle could be useful for attracting customers at a large fairground (where the Cretors popcorn wagon was first introduced), the real purpose of the steam whistle was as a safety valve for the boiler, and it was an audible safety valve that alerted the operator that the boiler pressure was getting too high.

The knobs for controlling the amount of gas fed to the fuel vaporizer, and the amount of vaporized fuel fed to each burner can be seen at the rear of the Earnmore below.
The pipe with multiple holes in it is the burner for the hot water tank (missing) for product heating.
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